Our Ethos

Most nurseries specialise in the importation of trees from abroad but this is not true of Barcham. We actually grow them before we sell them!

At Barcham we take seeds from veteran UK trees to ensure the best characteristics are retained for future generations. We then grow these on for up to 15 years to supply as instant impact specimen trees for our customers to enjoy.

In recent years many trees have been imported by British nurseries with unwelcome pests and diseases such as Oak Processionary Moth and Ash Die Back which has led to government intervention and importation bans. Biosecurity is an important driver for us at Barcham with all of our trees regularly inspected by outside agencies to attest for their vigour and quality. Importantly, no stock is imported for immediate resale so we know that our biosecurity code cannot be breached and we are the only nursery we know of that employs these measures.


Our 350 acre nursery is situated in the heart of the fens near Ely, Cambridgeshire, so suffers harder winters than most of the UK. We got down to -17 Celsius in the winter of 2013! As a result of this our large trees are fully acclimatized to the British climate unlike many Italian imports that move trees from sunny Tuscany to very different surroundings in the UK only to suffer terribly as a consequence.

You know what you’re getting when you buy large trees from Barcham!