Wedding gift lists

If you are looking for something different for your Wedding, look no further, Barcham Trees can help you with a list of Wedding Trees.

So often nowadays people are looking for something more than the average gift for celebrations and weddings are no exception to this. If you are looking for something different for your wedding gifts, look no further, Barcham Trees can help you.

Planting trees is extremely rewarding, it is something that we should all take the time to do at some point in our lifetimes and to commemorate a wedding would be a perfect excuse to plant a tree or number of trees. It is your chance to make a lasting symbol to mark your celebration and to help the environment by planting trees.

At Barcham we can offer you a number of solutions to including trees on your wedding list:

Option 1 – We can set up a page for your guests to purchase gift vouchers for you, this will enable you to choose trees to the value of the vouchers purchased and thus have the delivered to you in one delivery at your convenience.

Option 2 – You can choose a list of trees and circulate to your guests.

Option 3 – You can go for a mixture of the above options; buy gift vouchers and guests can buy you single trees.

Trees are the perfect gift for Special Occasions, so why settle for a general wedding list consisting of a toaster or iron when you can plant trees that will not only brighten up your property, but will also last for a lifetime!

For further information please contact the Barcham Trees team. Email Tel:01353 720 950.

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